Sleeping Bags

INVENTA Sleep Bag 1.0 Tog - Grey/Lemon



    The Love To INVENTA Sleep BagTM features our Genius Cooling SystemTM that helps you to moderate your little one's temperature simply by opening or closing the mesh vents on the front & back, without disturbing their precious sleep routine.

    The genius of the INVENTATM baby or toddler sleeping bag

    The breakthrough Genius Cooling SystemTM helps you moderate your baby’s temperature without disturbing their precious sleep routine. Simply open or close the built-in zip as needed. Unlike other baby sleeping bags, your baby’s temperature can be gently adjusted by using The Genius Cooling SystemTM without waking your baby. A more even temperature & increased comfort means more sleep for everyone!

    It’s the baby & toddler sleeping bag that breathes!

    The INVENTATM range features a hypo-allergenic, 100% natural bamboo lining that is smooth, silky & highly breathable. The lining is soft & extremely gentle on your baby’s skin, & is very effective at controlling moisture, making INVENTATM the most comfortable baby sleeping bag available.

    The INVENTATM range of sleeping bags for babies & sleeping bags for toddlers is available in 3 TOGS, making the range suitable for all seasons:

    0.5 Tog for the warmer months - 1.0 Tog for use all year round - 2.5 Tog for the colder months

    • Hypo-allergenic
    • 100% natural bamboo lining is smooth, silky & highly breathable
    • Ergonomic design, soft stretch fabric means increased comfort
    • Longa ShortaTM length feature

    INVENTA Sleep Bag (1.0 Tog) in Grey/Lemon is available in baby (4 - 12 months) & Toddler (12 - 36 months).